Warning: Some content of these videos has cursing, but they are allowed to when they get something like these videos below:

                                 Beautiful pull by PhillyCards, out of a blaster box!

Watch Bobbo (umiami89), Army (armyatc22), and others get some absolute insane!!! hits!!!!

   bnkcards pulled a beutiful Johnny Bench card out of Triple Threads. Check it out.

        DsBOXBREAKS busted saome 07 Topps Sterling and got real lucky. Check it out.

Bobbo had a recap above of his Letterman Basketball Topps Rip Party which is also the second video above.

        The best of all, pulled only at the backstop, in Upper Deck Portraits 2005 baseball.

                            habart30 had an insane box of Donruss Classics Football

                       arplatinum pulled this for MYUSER3007 on youtube, a sick
                                    Cal Ripken Jr Auto Bat Barrel Redemption

FrankGoreDaBoss is the boss of this stuff. He starts with a printing plate, than a 1/1 and finishes with an auto of one of the best players ever. This box was insane! Check it out!

             maggettefan pulled these two nice hits at Ultimate Sports Cards in Las Vegas

     mp23lbmj on youtube had an amazing box of 2007 Bowman Sterling. Check it out.

      melbournecowboys opened 2 boxes of the all new Donruss Prime Cuts. Sick MOJO!

JawdysBasement pulled a beautiful card in some pack breaks of Upper Deck Baseball Heroes. Check out the video. (skip to 3:36 to see it)

Jersey Jon, the same guy who pulled the Babe Ruth/Joe Dimaggio Dual Cut, pulled this insane Triple Threads triple auto. Check it Out!

                   Check out this Pack Battle only at the backstop, some insane mojo!!!

chri5784 did a case of the Playoff Prime Cuts IV, and got some nice cards. Check em' out.

PDazzle1010 pulled one of the most rare cards in this year's Upper Deck, with a Presidential Cut Signature Redemption, along with some other nice pulls as well.

thepackripper is at it again! A great first 5 boxes of Sweet Spot Classic. Check it out!

Bandzcards had an excellent half-case of the brand new 08 Topps Triple Threads Football

PDazzle1010 pulled this amazing Joe Flacco patch with "Ra" on it in a hobby box of Bowman Chrome 2008 Football, and bigpapi123456 pulled this Mickey Mantle bat card in a pack of 2007 Topps Updates and Highlights Baseball. Nice!

Next, PhillyCards also pulled this awesome Johnny Bench, Pudge Rodriguez, and Carlton Fisk Triple Autograph out of 2008 Topps Triple Threads Baseball, meanwhile CaSeBrEaKeR1987 pulled this 1/1 Albert Pujols Letterman from 2007 Topps Sterling.

KTcards, the first person to open a box of 08 Sweet Spot Baseball, pulled the first Griffey Auto shown in it and it's inscribed "97 Al MVP", and it's numbered out of 35. The second one shown was also pulled by KTcards, but in a separate pack, and it's autographed on a wood bat barrel with black sharpie, #ed/230 I think. Man, KT has some awesome luck!

Next, jandjsportscards pulled this pretty sick Darren McFadden triple patch, football, patch (spells out AFC) autograph out of this years Absolute Memorabilia Football, and armyatc22 pulled this beautiful John Stockton/Steve Nash dual autographed logoman, with their NBA patches on their jerseys. Did I mention it's a 1/1 from Exquisite B-Ball.

Next, kollectornet pulled these sick patch autos of Adrian Peterson and LeBron James, the Peterson in 2007 SP Authentic Football, and the King James in Exquisite Basketball.

Now we have some old-school players. A sweet Cal Ripken Jr Auto pulled by kollectornet in the most popular old-school product, 2005 Donruss Diamond Kings, and I don't remember who pulled this Mickey Mantle 1/1 Cut Autograph, but I'm sorry but that is one of my favorite cards.