Yo whats up everybody, drewscards here with my 2nd Quarter Spectacular Break Update. I am going to buy a box of 2008 Upper Deck Baseball Heroes, and my friend Mike is going to split a box of 2008 Upper Deck Football Heroes. We also are ordering them from DA (Dave & Adams Sports Cards). On the side, we will order a pack of 2008 Leaf Certified Football, a pack of 2007 Fleer Ultra SE Baseball, and a pack of 2008 Donruss Threads Baseball. Thats about it, and my next post will be a mailday, but after that will be the boxes. See Ya!

PS.. Mike and I are splitting the two free packs that come with the boxes, 2 packs of 2008 Donruss Gridiron Gear Football, and we are opening the boxes on the Super Bowl. I will try to order it all tonight or tommorow.


Yo, whaddup guys, drewscards here with another recap of two packs I busted at Dragons Den, my local hobby shop, which now sells good cards! One was of the new Upper Deck Documentary, and I can see why nobody has done a video of it on Youtube. DON'T BUY IT! I got a none other than Kosuke Fukudome RC, and than a pretty nice insert of Ryan Ludwick, with a nice silver All Star Game logo on it.Next I got a pack of Upper Deck Baseball Heroes. I saw a very thick card in there, and before I got excited, what most people hate, thinkingif it's a dummy card or not. Then I thought that there are no dummy cards in Heroes, peeked at the card and it was a hit. The hit was a Chipper Jones #ed/15 Patch Autograph, which are really rare in this Product, as rare as Presidential Cut Signatures and Yankee Stadium Buyback Cards, which sounds like it's up there. I tried later to find out what it books for, couldn't find the real price, but I saw one guy selling a patch auto of Eric Chavez on the A's for $100. I assume the Chipper is worth more, and I am still shocked that I pulled an extremely rare card in 1 pack I bought of it. I was amazed when I got it, and makes a nice part of my collection. Earlier that day, Mike and I talked trades on the phone, considering trading for his Orlando Pace GU from Topps this year for one of my three Chipper Jones jersey cards. When I got this the trade was guarrentead. See Ya !


Yo guys, drewscards here. I went to Target today, day after Christmas, to see that movie "Bedtime Stories" with Adam Sandler, which was very good, especially for a PG movie. Anyway I got another group of packs at Target at the mall too, so check out the recap.
1: Leaf Rookies and Stars (2 packs): some good players but 2 decoys.
2: Donruss Gridiron Gear (1 pack): nothing special, but needed three of the five cards in my set I'm trying to complete of it.
3: Bowman Football (1 pack): John David Booty, Mario Manningham, Branden Albert, Charle Godfrey RC's, and the chrome rookies were Dwight Lowery (Jets corner I needed), and Dequan Morgan.
4: Bowman Chrome Football: Amani Toomer, Hines Ward, and a Dustin Keller RC.
5: Topps Stadium Club: Carlos Gonzalez RC, 1st Day Issue Johnny Damon, nice base
6: Upper Deck Masterpieces Football: Franco Harris, Johnny Unitas, Doug Flutie, and Terry Bradshaw. All were very nice cards.
7: Upper Deck SP Rookie Edition: Nice base, including Eli Manning, and a Glenn Dorsey and Andre Woodson RCs.
8: Upper Deck Timeline Baseball: Base, except a very nice insert of Kosuke Fukudome.
9: Topps Series 3 Updates and Highlights Baseball Fat Pack (get one if you want good players) Jeff Nieman (Rays) and Alberto Gonzalez RCs, a very nice Mickey Mantle insert, and a lot of other All Star Game cards and stuff.
So that's about it guys, See Ya!


Yo, I've been so caught up with the awards that I didn't finish my Christmas box break recaps. I did a box of the Piece of History stuff, and now I only need 10 cards to complete the base card set (not including rookies and historical moments). By the way the legacy cards were different numbers but were the same pictures as the last box, Don Baylor, Reggie Jackson, and Bucky Dent, but we were shortened one legacy in last box, so we got a Ron Guidry one, one that I didn't have. So anyway, here are some #ed cards results:
- Russell Martin Blue Parallel #ed/25
- John Smoltz/Tim Hudson Cut From The Same Cloth #ed/799
- Ken Griffey Jr/ Carlos Beltran/ Jim Edmonds/ Andruw Jones Franchise Members 4 #ed/799
- Josh Beckett (Red Sox)/Josh Beckett (Marlins) Silver Cut From the Same Cloth #ed/149
- Miguel Cabrera Franchise History #ed/699
- Travis Hafner Box Score Memories #ed/699
- David Ortiz Box Score Memories #ed/699
- Jake Peavy/Dan Haren Cut From the Same Cloth #ed/799
- Steam Engine Gold Parallel #ed/75
- Alfonso Soriano Box Score Memories #ed/699
- Jonathan Papelbon Franchise History #ed/699
- Grady Sizemore Stadium Scenes #ed/25
- Joba Chamberlain Gold Franchise Histroy #ed/99
- Carlos Zambrano Timeless Moments Gold #ed/99

Here are the hits below...

Yep, that's right, my fourth Piece of History Hollywood Card. It's a Shirt From Spy Game worn by Brad Pitt. One of the better hits in a pretty weak overall box.

Here, my favorite out of the box, was a Chipper Jones Gold Box Score Memory Jersey Card #ed/75.

Not great, but a Travis Hafner Jersey Card (Stadium Scenes) not numbered.

Brandon Jones Autograph #ed/499. Not bad, I think he's good, but not all that sure.


Yo, whaddup everybody drewscards here with the winners from the show. Two things I'm disappointed in right now though. First is that not even one person voted for it, and that's not the way I want it to be. Second is that I wasn't prepared enough to do the awards on video, but I at least wrote my winners on a piece of paper...
Best Youtuber: umiami89
Rookie of the Year: armyatc22
Behind the Camera Award: Number1Dragonid
Best Group Breaker: thepackripper
Best Co-Starring Box-Buster: Joemama (my dad)
Box Break of the Year: armyatc22's Topps Triple Threads hits were: Joe Dimaggio/Roberto Clemente/Mickey Mantle 6 Piece Relic, then a Melky Cabrera 1/1 Printing Plate Autograph. url: http://hk.youtube.com/watch?v=goUEHoVzpHQ (many box breaks on this video skip to 4:23 to see army's box he busted off-camera)
Card Of The Year: PhillyCards 1/1 Mickey Mantle/ Mariano Rivera Dual Autograph from Topps Finest Baseball, photo below

Most Entertaining Youtuber: TheBackstopDotNet
Best Card Blog:
drewscards (sorry, i had to)

Best Baseball Card Company- Topps
Best Baseball Multiple Pack Hobby Box- Topps Stadium Club
Best Baseball Low Amount Pack Hobby Box (1-6 Packs)- Topps Triple Threads
Best Baseball Nicest Cards- Topps Allen & Ginter
Best Football Card Company- Donruss
Best Football Multiple Pack Hobby Box- Donruss Gridiron Gear
Best Football Low Amount Pack Hobby Box (1-6 Packs)- Playoff Absolute Memorabilia
Best Football Nicest Cards- Upper Deck Premier

Worst of the Year- Upper Deck X
Biggest Rip-Off- Topps Letterman Football
Nicest Deal- Upper Deck A Piece of HistoryBox of the Year- Topps Allen & Ginter

Thanks for looking and I want to wish you all a Happy and Successful New Year. See Ya!


Hey guys, it's drewscards as usual back here, but something very cool is going to happen. I am doing "The 1st Annual drewscards Award Show", featuring Mike and Joemama, and probably more. The awards are based on:
- Youtubers (card videos)
- Bloggers (1 award)
- Card Products
The nominees are posted and here they are

Best Youtuber
- chri5784
- armyatc22
- umiami89
- squeepa21
- TheBackstopDotNet

Rookie of the Year
- PDazzle1010
- JawdysBasement
- armyatc22

Behind The Camera Award (award for the best cameo)
- Diana (drewscards sister who made an appearance in videos)
- Winnie (squeepa21-MoTown Philly's dog)
- Number1Dragonoid (JawdysBasement's hilarious son)

Best Group Breakers
- thepackripper
- armyatc22
- habart30
- arplatinum

Best Co-Starring Box Buster
- Joemama (drewscards Dad)
- Mike (drewscards Best Friend)
- "Todd Helton" (Fox Sports Cards Common Customer)
- Tattoo (chri5784's bustin' buddy)

Box Break of the Year

armyatc22, umiami89, StarburyMatrix3, and PDazzle1010 busted some boxes and got insane mojo!!! (go to 4:26 to see what is running for best box break from army)

habart30's box of Donruss Classics was amazing, getting double mojo of Darren McFadden and Matt Ryan

paulnj39 busted a box of 2008 Topps Stadium Club, and didn't just get one, but three amazing hits!!!

drewscards busted a box of 2008 Donruss Gridiron Gear, and got a sick patch of Jeff Garcia #ed/40, a jersey card of Eddie Royal #ed/250, and a pullout rookie auto (case hit) of Dexter Jackson of Tampa Bay (#ed/100).

Card of the Year

PDazzle1010 pulled this Joe Flacco Patch in Bowman Chrome

melbournecowboys pulled this insane Joe Dimaggio cut auto in the new Playoff Prime Cuts, skip to 3:14 to see it.

bnkcards had an insane pull in Topps Triple Threads (go to :38 to see it)

PhillyCards had an insane card pulled in a blaster of Finest.

drewscards newest pull, a Chipper Jones Patch Auto out of UD Baseball Heroes

Most Entertaining
- TheBackstopDotNet
- JawdysBasement
- chri5784

Best Card Blog
- Boxbusters
- Dropped Third Strike
- drewscards
- Fielder's Choice
- Wax Heaven

(Between Baseball & Football)

Best Company (Vote 1 for baseball, one of football)
- Topps
- Upper Deck
- Donruss

Best Multiple Pack Baseball Hobby Box
- Topps Allen & Ginter- Upper Deck SPX
- Donruss Threads
- Topps Stadium Club
- Upper Deck Baseball Heroes
- Upper Deck SP Legendary Cuts
- Upper Deck Goudey

Best Multiple Pack Football Hobby Box
- Donruss Gridiron Gear
- Upper Deck Icons
- Upper Deck Football Heroes
- Playoff Prestige
- Upper Deck SP Rookie Threads

Best Low Amount Pack Baseball Hobby Box
-Topps Triple Threads
- Upper Deck Premier
- Playoff Prime Cuts IV
- Topps Sterling
- Upper Deck Sweet Spot
- Upper Deck Ballpark Collection

Best Low Amount Pack Football Hobby Box
- Playoff Absolute Memorabilia
- Topps Letterman
- Upper Deck Premier
- Bowman Sterling

Baseball's Nicest Cards
- Topps Allen & Ginter
- Upper Deck Goudey
- Upper Deck Premier
- Playoff Prime Cuts IV
- Topps Sterling
- Topps Stadium Club

Football's Nicest Cards
- Donruss Gridiron Gear
- Upper Deck Premier
- Bowman Sterling
- Playoff Absolute Memorabilia
- Playoff Prestige
- Upper Deck SP Rookie Threads

Worst of the Year (combined)
- Upper Deck X
- Topps Co-Signers
- Topps Opening Day
- Score Football
- Bowman Football
- Donruss Elite
Biggest Rip-Off (combined)
- Upper Deck Masterpieces
- Topps Co-Signers
- Upper Deck Goudey
- Topps Letterman
- Score Football
- Topps Kickoff

Nicest Deal (combined)
- Upper Deck A Piece of History
- Upper Deck SP Authentic
- Upper Deck Baseball Heroes
- Upper Deck Football Heroes
- Topps Stadium Club Football
- Topps Rookie Progression

BOX OF THE YEAR (combined)
- Topps Triple Threads Baseball
- Topps Allen & Ginter Baseball
- Topps Sterling Baseball
- Donruss Gridiron Gear Football
- Playoff Absolute Memorabilia Football
- Upper Deck SP Rookie Threads

Thank you for dedicating your time to looking at these categories. Please do me a favor and at least cast votes of what you know, not by guessing, and that would be very nice of you to do that. I will do a video of the award show tonight, so if I don't get many votes for this, I will have to choose myself. Thank You and Vote for What You Would Like!


Yo, everybody, this box I got of Gridiron Gear was insane! We didn't get a hot box, but I got some nice stuff. First, a Brett Favre base card on the Jets, which I needed until now, and got some numbered stuff too. Here are the numbered cards:
- Torry Holt BIG GAME Playbook Insert (#ed/25)
- Mike Hart Rookie X (#ed/100)
- Jerious Norwood X (#ed/100)
- Matt Leinart O (#ed/250)
- James Hardy Next Generation Rookie (#ed/500)
- Rookies (#ed/999)
    - Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie
    - Josh Johnson
    - Brandon Flowers
- Mike Curtis (Colts) Insert (#ed/500)
- Jamal Lewis Player Timeline (#ed/100)

The 1st hit I got was the worst, but a nice card. It's numbered out of 250 and is a Next Generation jersey card of Eddie Royal, rookie wide receiver for the Broncos as you may know. Royal had a very good rookie year very quietly, and him and Jay Cutler make a pretty good duo.

Next was a very sick patch of Jeff Garcia. It is numbered 19/40 and I would consider it a 3 color patch, plus jersey. There is a very little piece of red in one of the corners, probably not noticed on the picture, but heck, this new camera is great and it could show it. Jeff has had a couple declining years, but has had a great career, yet I don't think he'll make the Hall Of Fame.

Finally, the last hit in this amazing box was the case hit. It is a Buccaneer player, and is numbered out of 100. It is one of those slideout rookie auto-jerseys of Dexter Jackson. I don't know much about Jackson, but he was a 1st round pick, but it is an amazing card. See Ya!


What's up guys, drewscards here with a recap of an Allen & Ginter box I recently busted, as a Christmas present. I busted it on camera with Joemama (my dad), and we did very well. We got a lot of base, and minis, and state inserts. We got 2 country mini inserts of Israel and Oman, and we also got one of the Worlds Deadliest Sharks set cards (Great White). I got a legend insert mini of Walter Johnson, former pitcher, Hall of Famer. Our box topper was an N-43 card of Ryan Howard, which is nice. I also got a Crack the Code card of Deep Blue, some computer that beat a guy in chess, the 1st computer to do so. The two hits I got were a jersey of Brian McCann, and a jersey with a pinstripe right down the middle of Brad Hawpe. We also pulled a rip card (#ed/50) of David Ortiz. We tried the flashlight trick on it, but the flashlight wasn't good, so we opened the rip-card anyway and we got a SP mini of Josh Hamilton. I thought it was a great box, and so did Joemama. I need a lot of these cards to complete the set, but I may be able to. See Ya! (Below, Up-Down, McCann jersey, Ortiz rip card with mini inside, Hawpe jersey)


Yo, whats up everybody, drewscards here to wish all a Merry Christmas. I got some awesome stuff, especially cards and a new camera. So this 1st blog is based on the blaster boxes I got. I got a Upper Deck Update Edition or whatever it's called blaster, a combined UD Series 1 and 2 fat pack blaster, 2008 Donruss Gridiron Gear blaster, and a Goudey blaster. In the update edition box, I got a Yankee Stadium Legacy of Hideki Matsui, and some base and starquest inserts. I got 5 Legacy cards in the jumbo combined Upper Deck box, A-Rod, Hideki Matsui, Joe McCarthy, Red Rolfe, and Randy Johnson. They also had these nice Infield Power Inserts which were 2 per pack, and I got a nice A-Rod one. Those cards are basically all studs like the Starquests, but they're nicer. In the Gridiron Gear blaster, I got a #ed rookie (#ed/999) of Jermichael Finley, TE for the Pack. I also got a nice Rivals insert of Randy Moss/Terrell Owens (not numbered). Finally, in the Goudey blaster, I got a nice A-Rod mini, a LeBron James insert, a Larry Bird Hit Parade of Champions card, a Jake Peavy Black and White Insert, and legacy cards of Derek Jeter and Tino Martinez. Lastly, before  start the next blog, my parents got me a lot of jersey/bat cards, and a Joba rookie, and one of the jerseys was guess who? A-Rod! It was when he was on the Rangers, which I'm not all that crazy about, but it's awesome still. The only numbered card in the lot was a Wilson Betemit bat card (#ed/1000). Than, they also got me a lot of like 5000 cards from the 1980s and 1990s, including Griffey, Bonds, etc rookie cards. By the way, the card collection number on the bottom is not going to appear for a little while because I still need to find out how many I have (approx.). I'm predicting between 18 and 19 grand, but thats my prediction. See Ya!


Yo, what up everybody, drewscards back here with an update for Mike and I's next split for Christmas. Well, currently he owes a big debt to his parents for texting this music software, which he didn't text in the first place, but enough of his financial troubles and lets move on. We are most likely going to do a box of 2008 Upper Deck Football Heroes, since we picked that over 2008 Donruss Threads Football. It has 4 hits, and 4 stud rookie autos approx. per case and 1 star veteran auto per case. I like the product, especially because you get a lot of nice stuff, and yet you also get plenty of cards. I like the base cards, and the painting checklist cards are really nice. We will probably bust this, but it will be held off until January or February, and if we find a nice deal on a football box on eBay, we may pick it up. So, that's about it, see you at Christmas!